Launching in April 2017
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Fully Automated Webinars

Mimic Live-like Webinars that repeat themselves top of the hour without manual intervention. It is like cloning yourself 24 times and hosting live webinars round the clock. With webinars repeating themselves every hour, your squeeze page viewers would always arrive right on time as the webinar was just about to start.

Conditional Clips

Split your webinar in multiple clips and if someone comments, play this, else play that.
If someone comes late, play ‘You are Late’ (or so) – once, twice or everytime someone joins in late.


Realistic Live

Webinars are not ordinary video pages (as many other webinar hosts offer). If a attendee arrives late, he would miss that portion of the webinar, just like he would have in case of live webinar. He cannot pause or rewind the webinar, but can replay the webinar after it has ended. If the attendee refreshes the page, the webinar won’t re-start, but resume from the present time, just like a live webinar.

2 Way SMS Chat

Receive SMS notification or PUSH notification whenever any of your real attendees type in something in the chatbox, so that you may come online and reply to the same. For some countries, we are looking forward to setup 2-way SMS messaging, enabling you to reply to the chat from sms itself.


Synced Chat

To make it even more real, you may also setup a pre-defined chat script in sync with the video. That is, you may setup a few artificial users, say, John, Marie, etc. who will type in a pre-defined question at the set time so that your video may reply to that very question at that very time.

Mail Followups

Different lists are created for those who attended the webinar, who didn’t and who left early so that you may ┬ásend different mailers to different groups. For example, you may want to send a link to replay the webinar to those who didn’t attend and a link to replay and to checkout to the ones who did.


Chat with Real Attendees

Chat with real attendees without being online on the webinaar platform. Whenever someone types in something in the chat box in any of your webinars, the same will be forwarded to your facebook messenger. Whatever you reply there will reflect in the webinar’s chat. You may also set to receive push notifications or sms notifications for the same.

SMS Followups

SMSs are more likely to be read by your users than regular emails. With the 3rd party services, you would be able to schedule auto followup SMS with customizable content to stay in the user’s focus.


3 Year Push Notifications


3 year account for Push Notifications for upto 5000 subscribers.

Plans for Push Notifications service for 5000 subscribers for 3 years vary between $1800 to $5400

3 Year Mailing List


3 year account with an email service provider where you can send upto 20,000 emails per month to lists of upto 5000 subscribers.

SMS Credits

SMS Credits worth $50 to use with Webinaar.


A personalized subdomain for lifetime, or or or any of our other eTLDs

Launching in April 2017
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